Tamron Announces Free Seminars for New DSLR Buyers


If you're new to DSLRs or you know someone who will be come December 25th, you'll want all the education you can get.  Leaping from point-and-shoot or cell phone cameras to something a bit more professional can be a scary endeavor.

Tamron is offering a free seminar to anyone who buys a new camera from select retailers. The seminar is called "Secrets to Better Pictures" and it aims to give you some tips that every photographer should know, including the basics of composition, lens selection and lighting.

The seminar will run during the first half of 2012 and will feature instructors from across Tamron's technical  and educational teams.  The full list of stores and cities is below.

Calagaz, AL
Wolfe's Camera, KS
Casey's Camera, NV
Horn Photo, CA
Murphy's Camera, KY
Rowe Photo, NY
Nelson Photo Supplies, CA
Kadairs, LA
Harold's Photo Centers, SD
Samy's Camera, CA
Hunt Photo, MA
Ft. Worth Camera, TX
Shutterbug Camera, CA
Norman's Camera, MI
Precision Camera, TX
Milford Photo, CT
National Camera Exchange, MN
Penn Camera, VA
Pitman Photo, FL
Rockbrook Camera, NE
Kenmore Camera, WA
Art's Camera, IL
Unique Photo, NJ
The Camera Company, WI
Robert's Imaging, IN
B&C Camera, NV