Tamron Announces Backyard Wildlife Photo Contest

Backyard wildlife.jpg

When wildlife photography is mentioned, it stirs up images of lions, elephants, penguins, and other far away animals, but Tamron's second contest of the year takes a different tact.  They want photographs of animals that can be found in your backyard, your local park, or in nearby rural areas.

The judge will be Jackie Bailey Labovitz, a D.C. area photographer that celebrates local wildlife.  She's even got a backyard sanctuary for what she calls "ordinary wildlife." 

The photos are required to be of local animals, so pictures taken in zoos or aquariums will not be considered.  The winner will get a choice between four different Tamron lenses, and twenty finalists will be selected to have their work displayed on the Tamron website.

You can find more details at the Tamron Backyard Wildlife Contest website.