Take Your iPhone 20 Feet Under with the Keystone ECO MarineCase

Keystone-iPhone-waterproof-case.jpgUnderwater photography is just plain cool, but it doesn't come cheap. Lifeproof cameras are becoming more affordable, however not everyone has one. Taking photos underwater with dSLRs is even more expensive, with very specific cases needed if you're expecting to get the combination of safety, picture quality and ease of use that you need. Or, you can get a start on some underwater photography by bringing your iPhone along with the new Keystone ECO MarineCase.

The MarineCase is designed to keep your iPhone dry in up to 20 feet of water - perfect for snorkeling and reef diving. And of course, the MarineCase still gives you full touchscreen functionality, so you can let all your Twitter friends know about the eel you just saw.

The Keystone ECO Marine Case is available now for $39.99 on Amazon