Take Stylized Digital Photos Through an Analog Camera

Digital cameras have made the act of taking a clear and well focused picture an incredibly simple job.  Artistic merit is still in the eye of the beholder, but you can get a good picture with most point and shoot cameras without too much fiddling around.

But what if you're looking for a rougher, more stylized photo?  You know, something with a little grunge.  You might want to try a simple and inexpensive technique called "Through the Viewfinder."

Through The Viewfinder.jpg
The name might give it away, but the idea behind the process is to capture the image shown in the viewfinder of older twin lens box cameras.  You can start as simply as taking a picture of the lensfinder of one of these cameras and then cropping out what you don't want, but fans of the shooting style have created some impressive rigs.

The photos you'll get are definitely unique.  You'll get focus fall off, dirt and other artifacts, and everything else you'd normally want to avoid.  The effect is that of a very stylized vintage feeling photograph.

If you don't have a twin lens box camera lying around, it's getting close to garage sale season, so there should be plenty available.  The folks over at Hack-a-Pic have tutorials available, as well as a few tips on finding the classic cameras.