Switronix Inc. Releases Flex DSLR Remote for Canon 5D and 7D

The new FLEX DSLR remote from Switronix is designed specifically for starting and stopping HD video recording on the Canon 5D and 7D. The arm can be extended up to twelve inches long and coils down to three inches in diameter.

An optic housed in the gooseneck arm is the trigger for the start and stop functions. As long as the optic is within the camera sensor's line of sight and within a meter of the camera, you're good to go.

The FLEX DSLR remote sports an all metal construction and is designed to hold up to day-in day-out use. It's powered by a pair of AAA batteries and has a max clamp diameter of 1.5"

Switronix's FLEX DSLR remote for Canon 5D and 7D cameras will be available on February 8th and will retail for around $150.