Sunbounce Releases Sun-Mover - The First Collapsible Light Reflector

Portability is an important factor in photography, and an issue that must be weighed again and again when making purchasing decisions. When going on a long trip, you don't want to carry your whole photo studio on your back, but you don't want to sacrifice picture quality either.

The Sun-Mover is a new solution from the German company Sunbounce. It was created by Wolfgang-Peter Geller and it's an extremely portable sun reflector.

Simply put, the Sun-Mover is an oval shaped reflector that's capable of various lighting effects. Bending it inward creates a spot light effect, while bending it outward diffuses the light for a softer spot.

When fully expanded, the Sun-Mover measures 33" by 31", but when not in use it can shrink down to a third of that. It's sturdy, made of high-strength steel, but light enough to carry on longer excursions.

It comes in two different styles, Silver/White ($101) and Zebra/White ($114) and is available now.