Stunning DSLR Space Shuttle Time-Lapse Photography


Space shuttle launches are momentous events, and though they're over quickly, the planning and preparation that goes into them takes an incredibly long time.  In order to document the second-to-last launch of the space shuttle Discovery, astronaut Alan Poindexter came up with something new.

Alan turned to Scott Andrews, a photographer friend of his who has photographed almost every shuttle launch, and Stan Jirman, a software engineer for Apple.  The idea was to create a time-lapse video that captured the process.

They pulled it off beautifully, and the end result is fascinating.  As much as we see of the actual shuttle launches, we never get to see what goes on beforehand, which is almost as interesting.  It's a great display of what's possible with photographs, and you can view it at the Smithsonian's Air and Space website.