Steve McCurry's Journey to Shoot the Final Roll of Kodachrome

Last-roll-Kodachrome.jpgKodachrome was legendary among film camera enthusiasts. Photographer Steve McCurry goes as far as to say it may have been the best film ever made. He asked Kodak for the final roll of film and Kodak agreed, leaving him with a monumental task - shooting the last 36 frames of Kodachrome ever.

National Geographic put together a documentary all about the journey and it's definitely worth a watch. McCurry travels around the world for the perfect shots and you really get a look into his creative process. It's also a bit of a reminder of those days when we couldn't just take 100 shots of something and hope one turned out right. He spends time finding where to shoot, composing the photo and waiting for just the right moment.

You can see the video below.