SteadyGum is About to Change the Life of ENG and Reality Shooters

SteadyGum down angle.jpg
As you can see from the image above, SteadyGum is here to make the life easier for stringers everywhere. I have no idea how it took someone this long to make something so simple that works that well. It's basically just a messenger bag sling with a cup on the bottom for a monopod type leg that connects to your camera with an articulating head. In layman's terms, it takes the brunt of all the weight that you'd normally feel on your shoulder and spreads it out to your hips. 

I mean, check out how easy this guy drops the camera down to get a lower shot.

That's crazy. It's fluid and quick and the operator does it like he possesses the strength of Atlas. It's as if the camera weighs nothing at all. The device clicks over your shoulder in a matter of seconds and once you connect the leg to your camera via the tripod plate, it just slips inside, like this.

If you're an ENG (electronic news gatherer), documentary or reality show camera person, this is the rig you've been waiting on. Look at how easy this person just tips the camera over to access the screen to check levels and meters.

There's literally no effort involved. The SteadyGum gets its name from the steadiness it provides and the "gum-like" elasticity of the support belt. Honestly, it sounds to me like they were already set on SteadyGun and then someone in their legal department was like "gun... no" so they just made up something that sounds close to the word gun. 

You can buy one now from their website for 1.595 €, which is right around $1,900.00 USD. I've gotta be honest that's really expensive, so, it's kind of a niche product that's only for professionals who use large cameras at the moment. But it's still great.