Startup Company Noktor Announces Lens for Four Thirds Cameras on Twitter

No, that's not a typo. It shouldn't read Nikor, nor should it read Nokton. Noktor is a brand new company that's going to be selling lenses for four thirds cameras, or so it seems.

The company's webpage,, shows a picture of the prototype four thirds lens. Clicking on the image will redirect you on over to their Twitter account where you can take a look at some sample photographs. The samples are low resolution, but they give some idea of what the lens will be capable of.

The first lens they're releasing will be a 50mm f/0.95 that will be available March 1st, along with the launch of their website. The lens is composed of seven groups and eight elements. It's got a twenty three degree angle of view and can focus as close as 1.9 ft.

We'll have more information in an official capacity when the site and lens are available in March.