Sports Camera Maker GoPro Said to be Planning IPO

According to a Reuters exclusive story, four sources have indicated that GoPro may be planning a $300 to $500 Million initial public offering, and they've hired JPMorgan Chase & Company, Citigroup, Inc., and Barclays Plc to lead it.

GoPro cameras are well known for their ease of use and toughness in extreme sporting conditions, where they're used to capture high quality images and video. In fact, GoPro CEO Warren Woodman started the company in 2002 as a way capture professional quality images of his surfing trips.

GoPro offers some really neat cameras, mounting hardware and accessories that add to the flexibility needed to capture video and images in a wide variety of extreme conditions; and they're often used by race teams, skiers, surfers and motocross professionals In addition to the toughness the GoPro cameras are famous for, their bright lenses, sensors designed to work in lower light levels, different settings for wind conditions to help out with audio clarity, and higher quality 1080p video make them a popular choice for demanding users.

Steve's reviewed the GoPro HD Helmet Hero last year, which came with a extremely rugged housing that was designed to be waterproof, shockproof and even bombproof. So, if you're not familiar with GoPro, take some time to read through this review, where we found the camera offered outstanding bang for your buck.

All sources declined to comment to Reuters because the talks are still private. See the complete story from Reuters here.