Spider Holster Announces the Black Widow Kit

Spider_Black-Widow-Kit.jpgSpider Holster is known for a very specific type of camera carrying device. As you can probably pick up from the name, the company is all about cameras holders that attach to a belt and provide quick, easy access. We reviewed their Black Widow holster a while back (see our review here), and found it to be one heck of a system.

Instead of selling each component separately like they did at the time of our review, they've created the Black Widow Kit. It combines the Black Widow Holster, Black Widow Belt and a newly improved Black Widow Pad - designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort possible.

"With the comfort-adding accessories in this kit, users can easily carry their mid-sized DSLR for an entire day with the kids, at a day-long event or throughout an entire vacation," says Spider Holster president Shai Eynav.

You can pick up the new Spider Holster Kit on Amazon right now for a price of $65.

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