Spider Holster Announces an Arca-Swiss Clamp

The folks at Spider Holster know that there are a few folks out there who may want to use the unique Spider Holster camera holders but can't. To remedy that, they've launched a new Arca-Swiss clamp which allows those using Arca-Swiss style L brackets to use the product.

"Our customers have been telling us for some time that they are forced to choose between their L-bracket and Spider Holster, and we don't want them having to make such painful decisions," says Spider Holster president Shai Eynav. "With our new Spider Arca-Swiss Clamp they now have a solution that allows them to take advantage of the superior carrying afforded by Spider Holster while providing a seamless workflow with any Arca-Swiss style L-bracket or plate."

The new adapter is available for $95 directly from Spider Holster.