Sony's Firmware Update to NEX Cameras Provides Compatibility with the LA-EA2 Lens Adapter to All NEX Models

Sony_NEX-A-mount_firmware.pngUp until now, the only cameras that were able to use Sony's newer LA-EA2 mount adapter were the NEX-5N, the Nex-7 and the NEX-VG20. That's not exactly a big lineup, but that all changed yesterday.

Sony's latest bit of firmware for the NEX line of cameras gives them full compatibility with the adapter. Now you'll be able to use A-mount lenses with autofocus on the NEX-5, NEX-C3 and even the NEX-VG10 camcorder. One of Sony's pro model - the NEX-FS100U - is getting the update as well.

The big difference between the EA2 and EA1 mount adapters is in the improvements to focus. You can use phase detect autofocus on every compatible camera and lens and speed has been increased significantly.

Visit Sony to read more and download the update.