Sony's New Ultra-Tiny Qualia 016 Digital Camera

Sony Qualia 016, mods by Steve's Digicams

Sony Japan has announced the Qualia 016 digital camera. Can you say small? How about 69.1 x 24 x 16.8 mm (HWD) small. With a 2.1-megapixel imager and a F2.8 sapphire glass 41mm (35mm equivalent) lens with a 4x digital zoom. Images are stored on super-small Sony Memory Stick Duo flash cards, half the size of the normal Memory Stick cards. It can be used with an optional flash unit that attaches to the side and a 0.55" color LCD viewer on the back. It's powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that's equally small. The Qualia 016 incorporates a digital hand blur correction function - the camera takes 4 pictures in sequence and then overlaps them and corrects for brightness. Sony also has an optional 1.4x telephoto and 0.7x wide angle conversion lens. The Qualia 016 will be available in Japan on June 24 for 380,000yen. That equates to ,227, the camera may be small but ouch! the price sure isn't - good luck Sony!

Thanks to the I4U News for this item.