Sony Unveils Two Feature Packed RX-series Cyber-Shot Cameras

Sony_DSC-RX1R_and_RX100M2.jpgProsumer cameras are hot this summer, with various manufacturers releasing powerful new fixed lens and interchangeable lens cameras. Sony has joined in on the fun with two exciting new RX-series models.

The first is the Cyber-Shot RX1R, which is a partner model to the full frame RX1 they released back in August of 2012. Looking at the specs of both, you'll notice that they are pretty much identical. However, the RX1R offers "Ultimate Resolution" thanks to the physical removal of the optical low-pass filter on the full-frame 24-megapixel Exmor CMOS image sensor. Sony notes that by removing the low-pass filter, like many others have done in the past, the RX1R can realize much finer details, greater contrast and dynamic range. There are some possible drawbacks to removing this filter (increased Moire, etc.), however the pros of this design outweigh the cons when you consider the target audience of this camera (advanced amateurs and professional photogs). Sony notes that the RX1R also uses Adaptive Noise Reduction Technology to help combat any noise in the photos, using a three part process that helps reduce noise, maintain texture, and emphasize contrast. About the only other change is that the RX1R supports "TRILUMINOS" color output via HDMI; when used with compatible devices.

The RX1R is scheduled to hit stores in mid July, with the same $2799 MSRP found on the RX1.

Next up is the new Cyber-Shot RX100M2 (aka the Mark 2). This model also compliments its similarly named brother, with several upgrades like an all new BSI 1.0-inch CMOS image sensor (which is the world's first sensor of this design), a new tilt-able LCD (same unit as the RX100 but can be tilted), increased sensitivity thanks to the BSI sensor design, improved AF speeds, a new Step Zoom feature, an additional 24p HD video frame rate, built-in Wi-Fi with NFC tech, and the addition of their multi-interface shoe; which allows you to use accessories designed for the RX1 and RX1R with the RX100M2. This ultra-compact powerhouse will also be available in mid July, with a suggested retail price of $749.

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