Sony Unveils New Line of S-Frame Photo Frames

A total of six new digital photo frames were announced by Sony this week. The new S-Frame cameras come in a variety of shapes, sizes and storage capacities.

The flagship model of the series - the X85 -features an 8" WVGA display and a 16:10 aspect ratio.  It sports TruBlack technology designed to boost contrast while simultaneously reducing screen glare.  If you're looking to step it up a bit, the X95 adds a full inch of screen.

The X85 and X95 both feature two full gigabytes of storage capacity, which enables them to hold up to four thousand images in album mode.  They're capable of displaying larger photos too; up to 48 megapixels according to Sony.

Sony also highlighted the value models in the range.  The E73 and E75 are a bit more traditional, and act as frames with little built-in memory.  They do come with a variety of bezels though, including black, red, brown and beige.  Switching out the bezels should make it easy to coordinate with any interior.

We'll start seeing Sony's new frames in March, and they'll be released steadily all the way until the launch of the X85 and X95 in June.