Sony Sets a Speed Record with XQD Memory Cards

On July 11th, Sony is bringing S-series XQD cards to the market. They're made for folks that thrive on speed, and lots of it. Initially, they claimed transfer rates of up to 125MB/s for their XQD cards, however these new S-series cards boast up to 168MB a second. That gigabyte of photos on your card? It'll take about six seconds to transfer.

Of course, all that speed doesn't come cheap. You'll be shelling out a pretty penny for the privilege of such prestigious card. 32GB will run you $500, while 64GB comes in at $750. If you have a camera that can use them and a computer with a Thunderbolt connection, these are what you need to take full advantage of your fancy tech. Currently, the only digital camera with a XQD compatible card slot is Nikon's D4 dSLR.

Check out the official Sony Press Release for more info on Sony's new S-series of XQD cards.

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