Sony Sensor Tops Dynamic Range Performance of Canon EOS R & Nikon Z7

As reported by PetaPixel, Photons to Photos has released a new chart detailing the dynamic range results for the recently released Canon EOS R and Nikon Z7 compared to the older Sony a7R III.

Though performance is very similar for all three full-frame camera sensors, the chart does reveal a consistent lead for Sony's model, which is able to best the two newer competing cameras at various ISO settings.

Click here to view the full interactive chart, and check out a sample of the chart below from Photons to Photos via PetaPixel:

As detailed in the chart, the Sony a7R III leads the pack with a Photographic Dynamic Range of 11.64 at an ISO of 100, while the Nikon Z7 comes in second with a PDR of 10.98 at ISO 100, and the Canon EOS R finishes third with a PDR of 10.6 at ISO 100.

Likewise, the Sony a7R III maintains its lead at ISO 25600 with a PDR of 4.34. Meanwhile, the Nikon and Canon swap places at ISO 25600, putting the Canon EOS R at second with a PDR of 4.25 and the Nikon Z7 in last with a PDR of 3.85.

And while the chart already demonstrates a slight edge for Sony's 2017 camera sensor when it comes to dynamic range against Nikon and Canon's 2018 cameras, this disparity in performance is actually only expected to increase once Sony announces its own new lineup of models.

The Sony a7R III is currently available for $2,998, while the Nikon Z7 can be purchased for $3,397, and the Canon EOS R can be picked up for $2,299.