Sony RX0 Firmware Update & Control Box Accessory To Improve Wireless & Wired Remote Control Features

The Sony RX0 Action Cam is getting a firmware update to improve WIRELESS app-based control of the camera as well as a $699.99 "control box" accessory for WIRED in-studio applications. For those who don't know the RX0 key specs, they are

  • 15.3 MP 1-inch CMOS sensor
  • ultra compact body
  • 24mm Zeiss lens
  • splash proof 33ft
  • 1/32000 anti-distortion shutter - 16 fps
  • 4K video recording (requires external recorder)
  • Super Slow Motion up to 960fps
  • wireless multicamera control
Many folks compare the RX0 to GoPro cameras, which makes sense. But the GoPro is often limited by its small smartphone sized image sensor. With a 1" sensor, the RX0 is better in low light and offers more dynamic range.

So, what are they upgrading?

  • Firmware 6.2 (Playmemories mobile App 6.2 coming January 30, 2018)
  • If you use a wireless router, can connect up to 50 cameras (5 still from your phone)
  • Power camera on & off
  • Simpler list view of cameras
  • Option to NOT live stream to save power
  • You can group cameras and control different groups

Couple that with the Companies new $699 control box and you can do things like:

  • Control & power camera so you won't need double power sources
  • Control via a web browser on a PC (LAN cable)
  • Uses IP address to access web-based software (no drivers or apps to download)
  • Monitor footage, adjust settings, and camera control (power, etc.)
  • Live View windows is adjustable
  • File management is vital for multi-cam setups (you don't want accidentally overwrite two different files that have the same name) - label each camera, export files
  • Easy to sync at a frame level between cameras for VR; the camera box acts as a sync master

There is one big downside. You'll need one control boxed for EACH camera, which then makes this pairing very expensive for non-pros. However, being able to open up an app on a laptop and pull up and control ALL the cameras through though wi-fi or connected LAN makes it a no-brainer if you're doing a lot of in-studio slow-motion work. (#BringBackBulletTime)

Check out, Sony's page to showcase some of the content they're creating with the RX0.