Sony Releases Fix for a7R III & a7 III Firmware Issues

sony α7 III.jpg
Following the discovery of several potential bugs, Sony has now released a firmware fix for its a7R III & a7 III camera models. The new firmware version 2.10 is designed to fix the previous version 2.0's bugs when writing RAW data or using the Auto Review feature. 

Here's a full rundown of the issues the firmware corrects per Sony's website:

  1. Resolves a problem caused by specific third-party memory cards, where the cards cannot be recognized by Sony cameras
  2. Fixes an issue where, while taking a picture using the Auto Review function, the camera may stop responding (a7R III only)
  3. Fixes an issue where, in rare cases, images may not be displayed or the camera may stop functioning while writing RAW data onto an SD card that has been used multiple times (Note: No image data on the memory card will be modified or deleted, aside from the data that was being written at the time the issue occurred)
  4. Improvement of the overall stability of the camera (a7 III only)

The version 2.10 firmware updates for the a7R III (Windows, Mac) and a7 III (Windows, Mac) are now available for download.

Sources: Sony via PetaPixel