Sony Releases New Firmware for a9 Camera with AI-Driven Autofocus Features and More

Sony has announced the launch of Firmware Version 5.0 for the a9 camera. The update includes several new features and performance tweaks, including AI-driven autofocus capabilities, improved image quality, and more.

Here's a full rundown of key upgrades and features added in the update per Sony:

  • Real-time Tracking mode for object tracking with Sony's latest algorithm and Artificial Intelligence-based object recognition to better detect and follow subjects.
  • Advanced Real-time Eye AF with AI-based object recognition to lock on and hold focus on a subject's eyes.
  • Fast Hybrid AF for video to enable smoother, more accurate focus during video shooting, even if/when objects move in front of the subject.
  • Image quality enhancements via improved image processing to offer better color reproduction for smoother tonal gradations in subjects like the sky, along with better auto white balance results.
  • New My Dial menu and revised Custom Key menu.
  • Improved Touch Pad capabilities.
  • Enhanced dual-card functionality and enhanced tagging.
  • Compatibility with Sony's new Imaging Edge Mobile application.

Beyond adding the above features, it should also be noted that installing the new firmware will restore the camera to its factory settings and add/change menu items. CLICK HERE to download the firmware update and see a full list of menu changes.

The Sony a9 is currently available through B&H Photo-Video for $3,998.

Source: Sony