Sony Notifies Users of Potential Firmware Problems for a7R III & a7 III Camera Models

sony α7 III.jpg
Following the discovery of several potential bugs, Sony has removed the latest firmware update for its a7R III & a7 III camera models. A fix is currently in the works with an expected launch set for mid-December.

According to Sony UK, the cameras may experience bugs when writing RAW data or using the Auto Review feature. Here's a full rundown of the potential problems per the company's website:

1. In rare cases, your a7R III or a7 III model may stop functioning while writing RAW data onto an SD card that has already been used multiple times.

  • This may also cause abnormalities in the files managing the images, preventing the images from displaying on the camera. 
  • No image data in the memory card will be corrupted or deleted aside from data that was being written at the time the interruption occurred.
  • If images no longer display on the camera, follow the steps below to use the "Recover Image DB" feature: Select MENU → (Setup) → [Recover Image DB] → desired memory card slot → [Enter]. Then, take a picture, back up your data on a PC or other device, and format the memory card on your camera.
2. With the α7R III, taking a picture while using the Auto Review function may occasionally cause the camera to stop responding.

The company is working on a new firmware update to address both problems with a release set for the middle of December. Until then, Sony is recommending that users take the below precautions to help avoid the issues:

  • Before taking new pictures, back-up your data and format the memory cards in both slots on the camera, or use a new memory card.
  • Ensure the Auto Review function is off when taking pictures.

Sources: Sony via DPReview