Sony Exec Shares Thoughts on Company's Full-Frame & APS-C Market Strategy

A recent interview published by DP Review has shed some new light on Sony's current and future plans for the full-frame and APS-C camera market.

The interview was conducted by DP Review's Barnaby Britton at the recent CP+ show in Yokohama, Japan, and features comments from Kenji Tanaka, VP and Senior General Manager of Sony's Business Unit 1, Digital Imaging Group. Throughout the conversation, Tanaka shares his thoughts on Sony's overall outlook on the industry, along with some hints as to where the company could be heading.

Below are a few key takeaway points from the piece, and you can check out the full interview HERE.
  • Tanaka views more competitors entering the full-frame market as a good thing since it offers customers more choices.
  • Going forward, Sony is looking at computational photography and how to bring aspects of the tech to the industry.
  • Sony views itself as a technology company and wants the value of its tech to draw customers to its products rather than its pricing.
  • Though the company is supporting both full-frame and APS-C markets, its strategy is to focus first on full-frame and then APS-C, letting full-frame tech trickle down to its APS-C products.
  • High quality GM-type lenses are a possibility for APS-C, though they might be branded differently.
  • Tanaka sees full-frame as a better platform for professional still photography, but views APS-C as a good fit for both amateur and professional video capture.
  • An a7S-type product with an emphasis on video is a possibility within the APS-C lineup, and Tanaka cited the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera as an example of a potentially similar camera he admires.
  • Tanaka doesn't believe that a "perfect fusion" camera ideal for both videography and stills photography is possible.
  • Sony is researching 10-bit still image compression and is considering different 10-bit image formats.
Source: DP Review