Sony Dethrones Canon to Become the No. 1 Seller of Full-Frame Cameras

(photo credit: Sony)

It's no secret that sales of Sony's full-frame mirrorless cameras have been climbing in the past year and a half. The internet is flooded with articles and videos from people explaining why they switched from another camera ecosystem to Sony's. What wasn't clear, however, is how many people were actually buying Sony cameras... until now.

Sony just announced that they've overtaken Canon in the US in overall sales for the first half of 2018 in full-frame interchangeable lens cameras. Sony and Nikon had been battling for the number two spot last year often flip-flopping between the two. 2018 is a different beast, though. Forty percent of all full-frame cameras sold in the first half of 2018 were Sony Cameras.

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The revolution is here. If Nikon and Canon weren't worried before, they should be. Neither manufacturer currently has a full-frame mirrorless camera on the market. Sony further boasts that they've been the #1 mirrorless camera brand for 6 years. This is ALL mirrorless cameras, not just full-frame.

Sony had this to say regarding their new status:

"We're extremely proud of achieving No. 1 overall share in Full-frame cameras in the US market, as well as holding a strong No. 1 share in the mirrorless market for six years running" said Neal Manowitz, vice president of Digital Imaging at Sony Electronics. "More than anything, we owe this to our community. It is our pleasure to create for you, the true creators. You pushed us to innovate, to change, to continually adapt, and your voice remains core to everything we do."

Manowitz added, "To 'Be Alpha' is to be a leader, to be an innovator, to stand out amongst the crowd. It represents everything we stand for as a brand. Our campaign will celebrate the extended Sony community, while also shining a light on the topics that that we are most passionate about - diversity, conservation, equality and much more."

Sony is also taking a moment to use their press and good fortune to launch a new flagship Alpha program, the "ALPHA FEMALE" program. This is going to be a program for women only that according to Sony:

"is Sony's thoughtful response to the imaging industry's well-documented diversity challenges. It will include a variety of grants and mentorship opportunities for female photographers and videographers, as well as the production of several large-scale industry events. Additional details to be released soon."

Overall it's a great day for Sony Cameras and Sony fans.

Source: SONY