Sony Announces 2010 Amateur World Photography Winners

Amateur Photography Awards.jpg

A total of 43,745 submissions were entered for consideration for the World Photography Awards.  Of those submissions, which came from 144 different countries, only ninety were selected to appear on the short list to be judged

Of those ninety entries, ten were chosen as category winners and selected for consideration for photograph of the year. 

"Each year the quality of Amateur photographers impresses us and the jury more," says Astrid Merget, creative director of the World Photography Organization.  "The line between a true amateur - a lover of the craft - and a professional photographer is very often blurred."

The final selection will be made and announced at Cannes on the 22nd of April.  You can view the winning photographs and get more information about the awards at the World Photography Awards website.  If you're hoping to be involved next year, the competition opens again on June 1st.