Sony Seizes 35% of U.S. Digital Camera Market in 3Q99 According To IDC

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Oct. 25 -- In an effort to replicate its traditional success in the consumer electronics marketplace in other arenas, Sony has been on the path to widening its role in the digital convergence of computing, communications, and electronics equipment. Once again, Sony has proven that its marketing ingenuity and brand clout have prevented competitors from usurping its Goliath status. Sony approaches the new millennium riding on the burgeoning digital wave with 35% of U.S. digital camera shipments for the three-month period ending September 30, 1999, according to fresh research from International Data Corporation (IDC). In a market that is projected to grow at a healthy 1998- 2003 compound annual growth rate of 50%, Sony left its closest rival Kodak at a distance second in the race with 20% of Q3 unit shipments, with Olympus at 17% of market share behind Kodak.

The U.S. PC camera market is poised for solid growth at a 1998-2003 CAGR of 61%. Logitech and Intel are the major contenders in this market. In Q399, Logitech exhibited its leadership in this space with 38% of U.S. PC camera unit shipments. Intel, looking to win this market share game, vied for the second spot, capturing 29% of the market. With Logitech and Intel grabbing nearly two- thirds of the unit volume, IDC expects as competitive pricing pressure sets in, second- and third-tier players in the PC camera market space will need to scramble hard to play catch up.