Sony Introduces Two New CD Mavica Cameras

Sony MVC-CD500

PARK RIDGE, N.J., Feb. 24, 2002 - Compact disc-based digital photography will soon travel down both the enthusiast and the digital newcomer roads, with two new CD MavicaŽ digital still cameras from Sony.

The new MVC-CD350 model combines the advantages and capacity of the instant-archive CD-R/RW format with a compact size that anyone can use for go-anywhere shooting. Meanwhile, the MVC-CD500 model features advanced resolution and control flexibility, which has made CD Mavica so popular among digital photography enthusiasts.

Both models record directly to low cost, high capacity 3-inch CD-R/RW discs. They will be available in April, and will sell for around and , respectively.

Read the full Sony CD350/CD500 press release.