Solving the CRT Television Dilemma - Photographing TVs Without Squiggles

Tube TV.jpg
This used to be common knowledge, but with the adoption rates of HDTVs and LCD monitors hovering at well over fifty percent, it's time for a refresher.  If you're taking a picture and there's an old-school tube television or monitor in the background and you're not set up right, you're going to get those ultra-frustrating wavy lines happening in the background.

The reason for this is that those tube televisions don't work in the same way as the new ones.  Instead of presenting the image all at once, it's rolled down a pixel at a time.  It's fast enough that the human eye never sees it, but if your camera's set too fast you're going to catch the picture in progress, rather than in full.

The solution is simple: slow your camera down.  If you can adjust your speed, then just make sure you're set to 1/30 and you should manage to catch a nice clear image.  Of course, if you're overseas (PAL format) that number would change to 1/25.

It may not be something you'll need to use any time soon, but when you've got the perfect photo opportunity at an arcade or a sports bar where there are old-school TVs in the background, you'll be glad you know how to get a good shot.