Snappr Raises 2 Million Dollars to Come to a City Near You

Snappr, the Australian start-up company for hiring photographers has just raised 2 million dollars to help broaden its reach in America. It currently only has a footing in San Fransisco, but with new seed money, they would like to expand up and down the west coast to places like Portland, Los Angeles, and San Diego and eventually make its way east. I'm sure once those places have been established than the rest of America will be able to use it as well. 

So, why does this matter? Or what is Snappr for that matter? Snappr is a service that aims to connect photographers with people who need them for a reasonable price. So reasonable in fact that packages start at $59 which would give you a 30-minute shoot with a photographer. They would then show you ALL the photos taken and you can select your favorite 3. It's scalable from there. Pay $99 dollars for a 30-minute shoot and you can select unlimited pictures. Thirty minutes isn't a ton of time. However, if you only have one outfit and are only after a corporate headshot for your Linked-in resume then that might be enough. 

Here's what the site looks like.

snappr main page.png
Once you're there it's pretty straightforward. Click the category you're looking for. For example, I selected "PORTRAIT". Which allows you to sort through photos by different photographers like this.

snappr portrait.png
If you end up finding one or more images that strike you, you can further sift through the photographer's page and see if their style matches what you're looking for. Then you go down the rabbit hole of how much do you want to pay. A two-hour shoot with 12 selected pictures is only $149 dollars, with the unlimited being $249. 

Now to the people who read Steve's that know nothing about photography and wonder why it costs more to get more when the images have already been captured... it's time. The photographer would then have to edit all the ones you select and you're already getting a bargain by having a professional shoot your photo. 

We live in a world where you not only exist as a human, but you also exist as an online ghost of yourself. Your image is everywhere. Why not control the quality of that image in a professional environment. Would someone hire you based on your picture? That's a trick question because if you're a model, of course, they would. If however you're in the pharmaceutical world and you have a meeting with Merck about a fancy new clinical trial you want to run point on, what are you gonna do? Google them, like everyone does. So, spend the $59 dollars to have someone who knows how to capture light get your best side. Ah who am I kidding, 90% percent of the portrait photos taken are going to be for Tindr,  Grindr or OK Cupid. The old "You only get one first impression" still holds true in a digital world. Though now you at least have some control over that impression.