Snap Spectacles 2.0 are Here, But Can They Save Snap?

snapchat_spectacles 2 red.jpg
(photo by Snap)

Snap is one of those anomalies like Twitter, tens of millions of people use the service and yet neither platform has ever made any money. In fact, they've lost and continue to lose billions. 

There seems to be a higher regard for new subscribers than actually on making a profit. If they're continuing to grow, they can tell investors that they will one day turn a profit, if they don't... their stocks tank. It's a conundrum to people with rational minds, it really makes no sense. If a product loses billions of dollars, who is paying for it and how can there be money to be made?

In 2016 Snapchat released their first version of their Spectacles in an effort to gain new users. You could only buy them through crazy vending machines that had more in common with a Despicable Me Minion than they did with anything camera related. 

(photo by Snap)

Despite trying to get new user numbers, Snap, like everyone else, is trying to get into the wearable tech department. It's too late to get into the cell phone game (unless your name is Huawei) and the watch market has kind of settled down to fitness meters with email and text updates. But what about glasses? Everyone needs sunglasses, right? Why not make it so you can record "hands-free" and share with the world?

Fast forward to 2018, the company dropped the original line of glasses and the chat from their name. 

snap glasses.jpg
(photo by Snap)

So how are Spectacles 2.0 better than original? First of all, they're stylish. Yeah, they're kind of round and odd shaped, but they're not at all unwearable like the first ones were which looked like you were wearing a piece of technology and not a piece of fashion. This is kind of a hybrid. 

There's a button on the side that when you press once records a 10-second video, press it again and you can keep recording for up to 30-seconds. If you press and hold it you can take a picture.  Here's a sample gif made from video from the new glasses posted by USA today.


They're water-resistant. These glasses were made for a day goofing off by the pool and in shallow water. The case has a built-in charger, which can allow you to charge your glasses up to four full times on a single charge. 

snapchat specs 2 blue.jpeg
(photo by Snap)

The downside to all of this is that it records everything in a port-hole circular frame that you know, probably only looks good viewing on the app on your phone. I think it's gimmicky. The only reason to have the video come out this way is to put your stamp on it. So, if something cool is out there on youtube that was shot in a circle people can say "it was shot on Snap Spectacles". I think they should worry more about making a product people want to use first before giving it identifiable flaws. 

The glasses are available in Ruby, Onyx, and Sapphire and comes with the charging case and cable for $149.99.

Source: SNAP