Snap On Magnetic Lenses for Your Smartphone


Sometimes it's just not practical to haul your DSLR around with you.  It's a lot of camera to carry, and not exactly the sort of thing you'd want lost or broken.  That's where smartphones come in.  They may not take the best pictures, but they sure pull it off while still being incredibly compact.

The default camera on most phones is more than a little lacking, but if you're so inclined, you can change that with a few magnetic lenses.

The folks over at Photojojo have two such lenses designed to make smartphone photography a little bit better.  The first is a wide angle macro lens, which - according to the company - lets you get as close as 10mm for taking pictures.  The second is a fisheye lens with a 180 degree viewing angle.

They may not compare to the real thing, but for $40, it might just be worth it for on the fly smartphone photography.