SmugMug's Camera Awesome App Makes Your iPhone Camera More... Awesome

There are a bevy of camera apps available for the iPhone, but SmugMug contends that theirs brings something new to the table - awesomeness. 'Camera Awesome' is a program that lets you adjust pictures after you've taken them and automate upload processes to take a little of the work off of your hands.

There's more to 'Camera Awesome' than just simple auto-editing. The camera mode is crazy fast, offering you the ability to take nine photos a second. There's a level so your pictures don't end up crooked and the app gives you the ability to focus in one part of the image while adjusting exposure for another.

One of the coolest features of 'Camera Awesome' is the way it takes video. Instead of starting to record when you hit the button, the app has a recording constantly running in the background. When you take a video, 'Camera Awesome' can also provide you with video of the five seconds that happened before you hit record. That's a big help for those that just barely missed getting the shot they wanted.

Check out the YouTube video for more info and download the app for free in iTunes.