SmugMug Partners with WHCC Print Lab for Top Quality Printing

SmugMug-whcc.pngWhen you're doing your best work, you want to be assured that the printed version will look its best too - even if that print is going to be hanging on someone else's wall. Actually, it's probably even more important when it's hanging on someone else's wall. That's why the folks at SmugMug have introduced WHCC Print Lab as an option for their pro-level clients.

"We know thousands of pros are fanatical about WHCC," says CEO Don MacAskill. "Pros sweat blood and tears to shoot standout photographs and want the best labs in the world to print them."

Now, pro-level SmugMug users can offer WHCC prints to customers, as well as the already existing options of Bay Photo and EZ Prints. If you like, you can even set different pictures to be printed by different companies.

SmugMug Pro costs $20 a month or $150 a year. You can find more information directly from SmugMug.