SmallHD Debuts High-Def Field Monitor


The HD video capabilities of DSLRs are really coming to the forefront.  If you're inspired to capture some videos of your own, you'll find out pretty quickly that the tiny LCD screen on the back of your camera is pretty unsatisfactory.

That's where SmallHD's new SP-SLR monitor comes into play.  It measures 5.6 inches diagonally but still boasts an impressive 1280 x 800 screen resolution.  It's the smallest HD monitor around and it was made specifically for DLSRs.

Of course, it's not just a simple display; the DP-SLR offers a huge amount of options.  You can adjust the back lighting, change the overscan and customize scaling.  You can even set your own presets and define buttons to suit your workflow.

This tiny monitor features a wide array of inputs.  Whether you want to connect HDMI, component or 3G/HD/SDI (via an optional upgrade) the DP-SLR has got you covered.  It's got a sturdy aluminum frame too, which makes it nice and portable.

You can preorder the standard DP-SLR for $899 while the 3G/HD/SDI model runs $1,199.