Slik Announces New F Series Tripods

A new series of tripods was announced today by Slik. They were created with an aim towards economy and portability for the casual photographer.

All of Slik's new tripods sport quick release systems and a 3-way pan head with a long panhandle. They've got rack and pinion geared center columns to control elevation, mid level spreaders to keep the legs even, and can handle most light DSLRs and video cameras up to four and a half pounds.

The smallest and lightest of the new tripods is the F143 which has a max height of 51.8 inches and weighs in at 2.14 pounds. Stepping up a level is the F153 which weighs just a touch more than the 143 and stands to the same height, but folds up to be around 40mm smaller.

Two larger tripods are available as well. The F630 has a max height of 57.8 inches and a weight of 2.79 pounds. The tallest of the F series is the F740, with a 58.25 inch maximum and a weight of 3.22 pounds. Unlike the others, which have three leg sections, the F740 has four.

All of Slik's tripods come with a three year warranty. Prices range from as low as $29.99 for the F143 to $59.99 for the F740.