Sleeping Insects are a Great Reason to be up at 3am

3am Insects.jpg

We are generally of the opinion that our days should never have two 3 o'clocks in them.   A physiotherapist and amateur photographer from Poland though, may have found the single best reason to be up at 3am.

Miroslaw Swietek took up photography a few years ago and has taken quite a liking to photographing insects and lizards.  Recently, he began looking for these insects at night.  They don't sleep in the same way we do, but enter a state of torpor, during which they're less mobile and less sensitive to sound and movement.

It's during the wee hours of the morning that Swietek is able to capture his fascinating shots of these insects, still covered in morning dew.  'You must be very fast taking the photos, says Swietek, "because the dew quickly disappears."

Insects are fascinating enough already, but the dew completely transforms them.  Some look like different creatures entirely, while others appear to be covered in jewels.  You can find more early morning dew photos by Swietek, as well as more commentary from the photographer himself here.