Six New Models from Olympus: Steve's Hands on First Looks

Rounding out some of tonight's announcements, Olympus has released several new models to add to their growing ranks. First off we have two new Tough cameras, which feature a new labeling system Olympus seems to be using. The TG-610 and TG-310 are the latest entries in their "lifeproof" line of go-anywhere cameras, with all the toughness you'd expect from the original weatherproof manufacturer. Both offer 14-megapixels of resolution, and 720p HD video recording, with only a few changes in features and body style to distinguish them from one another.


Next we have a new VG-series camera, which is an affordable and simple to use digicam. The VG-120 is one of the most affordable models you'll encounter, with a suggested retail price of only $139 US. However, Olympus didn't skimp on the features, with the VG-120 offering 14-megapixels, a 5x optical zoom lens, 3.0-inch LCD, and loads of useful exposure options including their popular Art Filters.

Last but not least we have three new powerful cameras, the E-PL2, SP-610 UZ and the XZ-1. The E-PL2 is the fourth generation in Olympus' popular Digital PEN line, which compliments (not replaces) the E-PL1 from last year with some nice improvements. We got our hands on a full production unit a week or so before tonight's launch, and were able to post an official Steve's First Look with some sample images to boot (samples should be posted late tonight or tomorrow morning)!

The XZ-1 is yet another line starting camera for Olympus, with some impressive features for those who demand high quality, low-light images with superior manual exposure control when compared to other cameras of its size. In direct competition with models like Canon's PowerShot S95, the XZ-1 offers an appealing feature set that should make it one tough competitor in this category. We played with a pre-production unit for about a week, and so far we're pleased. Check out our hands on XZ-1 First Look for more details.


Finally, the SP-610 is the latest Super-zoom model in a long line of capable digital cameras. This unit is a bit more compact than previous models, sporting a long 22x optical zoom lens with wide viewing angle (28mm), 14-megapixel image sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, Olympus' Magic filters and a 3.0-inch LCD monitor. All for only $229 US.