Sigma Gives UK Customers 3-Day Test Drives of New Cameras and Lenses

It's hard to buy a camera sight unseen, and without getting to go hands-on for a bit.  We have the specs to look at of course, but there's more to it than just what's on paper.  Sigma is hoping to earn itself some more sales by letting customers get some experience with their cameras.  Three days worth, in fact.

If you're living in the UK, you can swing on over to one of the retailers listed below and test drive one of Sigma's cameras, along with a selection of lenses, for free.  The cameras available are the SD1 Merrill, the DP1 Merrill and the DP2 Merrill.

  • Clifton Cameras - Dursley
  • Calumet Photographic - Manchester
  • Spectrum TCR Ltd - London
  • Calumet Photographic - London
  • Ffordes Photographics - Inverness
  • Merchant City Cameras - Glasgow
  • Park Cameras - Burgess Hill
  • D & P Photographic - Gosforth
  • Calumet Photographic - Birmingham