Sigma Creates a Limited Edition SD1 with Wood Casing

Limited-Sigma-SD1.JPGWe've seen quite a few special edition cameras come out this year for photographers that want something with a little style. Most have them have been a gorgeous dark red, though other companies opt for slick silver.

Sigma has decided to go another route with their SD1. They've wrapped the camera in a rich wood casing. It's made from Amboyna Burl wood, which is apparently quite expensive to get. Combined with the matte black plastic of the rest of the camera and lens it's, well, hideous. It's unquestionably ugly.

So what will this monstrosity cost? It's coming in at 9,999 Euros or around $14,000. That's a $4,000 markup from the normal sale price of the camera.

The good news is that they're only making ten of them, so unless you know someone who has 14 grand to blow on something like this, you probably won't ever have to see it again.

(via PetaPixel)