ShutterCal - A Calendar Based Photography Community


If you're looking for a new way to document your photography, ShutterCal may be a good setup for you.  It's a free community based website that's got a unique twist.

Rather than simply uploading all your photos to the site like you'd do with so many others, ShutterCal takes one a day.  When you take a photo that's particularly interesting or representative of your day, upload it to ShutterCal and it will appear on your calendar.

It's a pretty simple service, but it's a great way to do photo projects.  If you're focusing on landscapes, for example, you can look through a year's worth of landscape photographs.  Going day by day it's easier to see where you can improve, and what you do particularly well.

The site is free to use, though you can order prints, postcards and a few other cool things from the store.