Shutterbug Reveals Simple Solution to Better Outdoor Portrait Photography

Tired of taking blown out portrait shots in sunny outdoor locations? Well, a new video posted by Shutterbug's Scott Kelby might have just the solution you've been looking for.

According to Kelby, the key to better outdoor portrait photography could rest in a modest and very inexpensive piece of gear -- a 1-stop diffuser. Available for as little as $10 on the low-end or about $40 on the high-end, a 1-stop diffuser will help produce light in pleasing soft spots without the blown out look that direct sunlight can produce. Check out Shutterbug's video below for a demonstration.

As the clip reveals, users simply need to hold the diffuser between the sun and the subject they are shooting... and that's it. The only downside? You might need an extra pair of hands to hold it for you while you snap away. 

But as long as you've got a friend in tow, the diffuser will help tame the light to create a more balanced portrait, proving itself to be a "natural light photography secret weapon."

Source: Shutterbug