ShutterBuddy Helps You Get That Perfect Baby Picture


Babies are a tricky subject to photograph.  It's not that they don't show up on time or dress poorly, and they're not finicky about how they look.  They just don't pay attention.  Or rather, it's impossible to tell just what they'll pay attention to.  The pros have plenty of tricks up their sleeves, but the ShutterBuddy is made for home use.

It's a cool little device that fits right over your camera and displays a checkerboard image for your baby to see.  The idea is based on infant vision and pattern recognition development.  Cute squeaky toys may be interesting to some, but apparently, a baby just can't resist a good checkerboard pattern.

You can pick up the ShutterBuddy online from the ShutterBuddy website.  You can check out video demonstrations, testimonials and plenty of pictures taken using the device.  The ShutterBuddy itself runs $14.95 plus a few bucks for shipping.