Sharp is Launching a Glasses-Free 3D Phone With a 3D Camera

Sharp-3d glasses.jpg

The trend towards 3D is fascinating, especially when considering what it could mean for photography.  The problem though, is that there isn't yet a great way to get a feel for photographing in 3D.  Sure, there are options available for taking 3D pictures, but you can't really see them until you get home - and that's only if you have compatible equipment.

In this way, Sharp's new smartphone could be a boon.  It's using the same sort of glasses-free technology as in Nintendo's new 3DS handheld system, which means you'll be able to see 3D images without the need for accessories.

Best of all, it's including a 3D capable camera.  You'll be able to take pictures and then see them right on your phone.  Sure, it's a cell phone camera, so there will be limitations, but the convenience having a 3D display for your 3D pictures can't be overstated.

Sharp hasn't announced a potential price for the new phone or any details outside of the 3D capabilities, but you can expect it to show up before the end of the year.