Seventeen Magazine Responds to No-Photoshop Campaign with the "Body Peace Treaty"

Seventeen.jpgThe use of editing software in ads and magazines is a highly contentious issue, and a huge amount of backlash has been seen recently - especially in publications that target young women. A recent petition from 14-year-old Julia Bluhm on that very subject has gotten a reaction from Seventeen, which has published a set of guidelines that the magazine will follow moving forward.

The most important note of all, and the most interesting for photography buffs, is that the company will be completely transparent in alterations made to photos. They'll be posting before and after photos on the Seventeen Tumblr site so you can see exactly what's changed from the original. This isn't just limited to changes made to the models, but backgrounds and sets as well.

As far as changes to the models, Seventeen pledges that while they may remove stray hairs or other messy details, they will not - and never have - change the body or faces of the girls in the photos. Check out the full Body Peace Treaty for more details.