Set your DVR, Life Premiers March 21st

Planet Earth was an astounding documentary.  Not only was it the first to be shot and shown in high definition, but it was the most expensive BBC documentary to date.  It also features some of the most impressive documentary photography and videography ever captured on film.

The followup, "Life" is set to be shown for the first time in the US on Monday, March 21st.  The series includes some amazing television firsts - like a humpback whale heat run - which had never before been filmed.   They also use incredibly high speed cameras shooting at up to 8,000 frames per second.

In addition to the tremendous footage and previews of the show, you can check out behind the scenes footage from each episode at  Particularly tricky shots are discussed in deep detail, including research and shooting techniques.

There's something here for everyone entertainment and education wise, but it's a great documentary to watch with photography in mind.  You'll find plenty to aspire to.