Seitz Phototechnik Announces New Automated Panorama Head

The Swiss company Zeitz Phototechnik is pretty enamored with their new panorama head.  They claim that the Roundshot VR Drive sets a new standard for high-speed, 360 degree photography.

Using the new Roundshot VR Drive, you're not only able to take traditional cyclical panorama shots, but spherical ones as well.  The device is built with multi-row technology that enables a series of photographs that go not only horizontally, but vertically as well.

The device rotates at one revolution per eight seconds and snaps five pictures per second.  In a full revolution, that's forty pictures.  You can then take those images and assemble them using the included stitching software.

The Roundshot VR Drive is compatible with a wide variety of consumer and professional grade DSLRs and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer for a price of $2,639 USD plus shipping.