SD Association Adds Pins and Speed to SD Cards


We saw the first UHS-I cards last week, and they're downright impressive.  The new cards from Panasonic and Toshiba blow standard SD out of the water, but they'll be looking a bit sluggish in just a year when SD 4.0 gets announced.

A part of the new spec was revealed by the SD Association last week at the IFA convention in Berlin.  The new design will include a second row of pins, located under the existing connectors.  These extra pins will enable transfer speeds of up to 300MB per second.

Current devices will work with the new SD cards, but only readers created to SD 4.0 specifications will be able to take advantage of the boost in speed. 

According to the SD Association, SD 4.0 will be officially unveiled in early 2011, which could mean as early as the Consumer Electronics Show in January.