Scotland Time-Lapse Captures Rare Atmospheric Event

Earlier this month, while photographing a time-lapse over Caithness Scotland, photographer Maciej Winiarczyk captured two beautiful atmospheric events that are rarely seen together. Time-lapses are practically made for the Aurora Borealis, which is caused when charged particles collide with the Earth's thermosphere. But have you ever seen Noctilucent Clouds?

Nocticluent Clouds, or Polar Mesopheric Clouds, form just after sundown as the sky darkens and the remaining sunlight scatters across layers of extremely tiny ice crystals floating high up near the coldest part of our atmosphere. The results are ethereal blue waves rippling across the northern horizon. Here is Maciej's full video to enjoy:

Source: PetaPixel, Astronomy Picture of the Day, & Maciej Winiarczyk's YouTube Page