Save Money on Lenses with Tamron's Rebate Program


Summer is over, there's just no getting around it.  It's an awful feeling, and Tamron knows it.  But they're helping to dull the pain a bit with an End of Summer Super Rebate Program.  After all, if there's one thing better than getting a brand new lens to work with, it's getting $100 back after buying it. 

Until October 10, 2010, you'll be able to get cash back on six of Tamron's most popular lenses, listed below.   The company has a few other offers available for their other lenses, but the Super Rebate offers the biggest discount on new lenses.

Tamron AF18-270mm Di-II VC (model B003) - $100

Tamron AF18-200mm Di-II (model A14) - $100

Tamron AF28-300mm Di at (model A20) - $50

Tamron SP AF17-50mm F/2.8 VC (model B005) - $100

Tamron SP AF10-24mm (model B001) - $100

Tamron SP AF60mm F/2.0 1:1 Macro (model G005) - $100